Summer is here at last – the perfect BBQ weather!

It has taken its time, but after much delay we think it is safe to say that summer is here at last. And we all know what that means… it’s time to get out whilst the sun is shining and enjoy it while it lasts. In fact, it’s the perfect time to have a barbeque.

There is nothing quite like the taste of a well cooked burger that is fresh off of a roasting grill, coupled with mouth watering salad and sauces. Try as we might, we can’t replicate the same barbequed, flame grilled taste by cooking indoors – it is just not quite the same!

If you are thinking of hosting your very own outdoors party, be it for a private gathering or something a more formal such as a wedding or corporate event, why not let Ruby Plum Catering do all the hard work for you? We can provide all the equipment needed for an outdoor barbeque, prepare all the ingredients and cook the food to your exact specification. We’ll take care of everything (alcohol exempt).

This leaves you to do the most important job of them all… and that is to enjoy the company of your guests.

To find out more about Ruby Plum Catering barbeques and the services we offer, contact us HERE today or call Spencer or Emma on 07580 174784