Ruby Plum Catering – only the finest, best quality meat guaranteed

Here at Ruby Plum, in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, we want to assure our clients that the food we prepare and cook for you is the food you asked for. With the scandal of horsemeat being sold as beef and other products, you can be guaranteed that every single one of our products is of the finest quality, and in no manner, shape or form tainted with any type of meat other than exactly what you have ordered.

We source all of our products locally wherever possible, including local butchers and local markets. All of the livestock we use for our ingredients are provided by farmers we trust, and we painstakingly source our ingredients in order to purchase the finest quality.

We understand your concerns when it comes to knowing what you are eating, and at Ruby Plum Catering we are more than happy to reassure you that, no matter if you are eating food we prepared at a barbeque, private dinner or wedding reception, each and every single morsel of beef and other foods are pure and above all else healthy.

Ruby Plum Catering – quality food is our business.