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Learn how to prepare and cook fantastic meals with the ‘master chefs’ themselves! With over 20 years culinary experience, Spencer and Emma are experts in their fields. They have cooked for numerous private dinners, wedding breakfasts and corporate events, and now they would like to share some of this knowledge with you.

The tips and lessons you will learn will prove invaluable to helping you excel in the art of cooking. A personal cookery lesson is tailored to your exact needs – you decide what you want to learn, and they will teach you the trade secrets that so many chefs keep closely guarded.

They will supply all the ingredients you need before showing you how to cook the meal you have always wanted to master. You can even host your own cooking event, where they will show you what they can make out of a box of random ingredients.

Along with cooking, they can also teach you important aspects of health and safety around the kitchen and best practises for food preparation. You can also learn knife skills – the fastest and easiest way to chop food in the safest way possible. Each cookery lesson will typically last for two to three hours, and are intended for up to six people.

To discuss booking a private cookery class with Spencer and Emma, please contact us for more information.

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