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A BBQ is the ideal way to cater for many guests during an outdoor event. Ruby Plum Catering specialises in providing bespoke, flexible catering packages exactly to your specification for a variety of occasions, including:

  • Wedding BBQs;
  • Anniversary BBQs;
  • Birthday party BBQs;
  • Private/Family gathering BBQs;
  • Corporate event BBQs; hopefully you get the idea!

Whatever the occasion, we would be delighted to tailor a package specifically for you, to suit your required number of guests, food preferences, dietary and religious requirements.  We can cater for parties consisting of a minimum of 50 guests up to as many as you please; we have catered for 2,000 guests before at a corporate BBQ event!

On either gas or coal BBQs, our team of fully-qualified chefs and professional waiting staff are ready to cook for and serve your quests with a delectable range of food. We’re proud that our food and ingredients are locally sourced and as fresh as possible, brought to you from our local butcher, Billingsgate Fish Market and local farm shops. The tantalising range of BBQ foods that we can offer includes:

  • 100% homemade lamb, chicken or beef burgers;
  • Minted leg of lamb steaks;
  • Italian herbed chicken fillets;
  • Marinated chipolata sausages;
  • Jack Daniel’s pork ribs;
  • Thai Salmon;
  • A variety of accompanying salads and sauces.

We will cook for your guests in pre-arranged time slots for as long as required, but should you wish us to stay longer then we would be more than happy to accommodate you.

Our BBQ services cover all of London and the Home Counties, so we could cater for BBQs in Kent, BBQs in Surrey, BBQs in Essex, BBQs in Sussex, and so on.

For further details and to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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